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Many people don’t have a clue on what cancer awareness entails. They wonder is it the actual acceptance to the fact that you have cancer after diagnosis or is it the general knowledge that cancer is for real and it exists. Cancer awareness has so much that one needs to know about but most people neglect these facts. You should know that ignorance leads to most people sufferings. Hence by any chance if you ignore these teachings about cancer, one day you might end up being diagnosed with it.

Cancer awareness is coming to realize that cancer really does exist, it is a menace, it can affect anyone at anytime and it is a killer disease. After you understand these basic concepts you will also go ahead and learn about the different kinds of cancer, their symptoms, what causes them and most importantly how to avoid them. For those who are lucky and are not infected by cancer, they are taught on how to live a healthy life that will assist keep cancer at bay. Other than that you will also be encouraged never to neglect anyone suffering from cancer. It’s that they were not fortunate enough to find someone to tell them on how to avoid cancers; also encourage the sick so as to remove stigma. You will also be advised on how your help could be of assistance to any person suffering from cancer either through direct or indirect means. This will involve either financial assistance during national fundraisings or physical and personal services you can offer to assist the affected.

Each and every type of cancer has an awareness campaign of its own. These campaigns are official and public and undertaken within a stipulated time schedule whereby each cancer type is allocated a specific month to conduct its awareness campaign. However for cancer generally, April can be said to be the month in which all types of cancers can be catered for since it is a National Cancer Control month; and any type of cancer awareness can be done during this month.

Touching on specific cancer awareness months, January is dedicated for cervical cancer awareness, March is for colorectal cancer awareness while as I had stated April is for National Cancer control, May is considered as a month for Skin cancer awareness while June is for men’s health and cancers related to men. July is dedicated to sarcoma cancer awareness, while September holds Ovarian, gynelogical, prostate, leukemia and lymphoma cancer awareness. October is stipulated for breast cancer whiles both lung and pancreatic cancers awareness is held in November.

Awareness is in most cases made through public announcements through the media, through purchases of t-shirts and hats; which not only show your support for the project but acts as a way of contributing to the campaigns and finally message can also be sent through the use of different colors that represent particular types of cancers.  Some of the colors will include yellow which represent bladder cancer, gray represents brain cancer, pink to depict breast cancer, orange for both leukemia and kidney cancers, white or clear to represent lung cancer and so forth. These colors are displayed in accordance with the month the cancer campaign is taking place.